Vinder af African Business 2014 - LN Consult/Leonida Nielsen

Leonida was born and raised in Tanzania by her Rwandesian parents but has now lived in Denmark for more than 30 years. With LN Consult she wishes to use my knowledge of both cultures to promote trade and development between Danish and African companies. One of her biggest assets is her extensive network, which is an important part of the way in which she works in LN Consult with bridging the distances and diminishing language barriers and cultural differences between the Danish and African business partners.

Her ambition

Her ambition is to make the Danish business world aware of the tremendous potentials that the African continent holds and to facilitate the possibilities for imports and exports between the Danish and African companies. In addition to the work with connecting companies she also strives to help immigrants, especially women, to get integrated into the Danish labour market and thereby making both the individuals and the Danish society prosper and grow.

Trophy - Celebrate Africa Awards

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